1. Hi! Sorry I don’t understand what you say, however I hope you enjoy our app!
    drop me an email if you want anything improved, as we will soon coming up with upgrades!
    Thank you so much!
    We Studio

  2. dear timothy chen/we company,
    yea, i am enjoying…my score always around 3000point/correct: keeping more than 95%(^^)
    i just said ‘we can play it’, i mean ‘it is not so difficult…’ on my blog.
    because i explained about it (totally how different H & A)on the lecture with Lars-Müller.
    you know, "Helvetica forever"Jap. edition!

  3. Hi Hitoshi,
    Thanks for your support! We are releasing our 1.1 update soon for some minor fixes, and also will be adding online leaderboard to compare your scores to everyone in the world.
    We will also spice up the game a bit!
    Stay tuned!
    let us know if you have any suggestions!

  4. dear tim, thanx.
    so, great and sounds interesting.
    i am doing for my app(article) domestic ver. now,
    and coming new app series for iPad…
    keep you touching. /h/


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